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  • Are you sabotaging your own success?
  • Reeling from a painful breakup?
  • Burdened by stress or traumatic memories?
  • Tired of the weight loss roller coaster?
  • Struggling with crippling anxiety?
  • Dealing with health issues your doctor can't help?

Well, I've got good news for you!

​You don’t need to spend years in therapy — real, lasting change is now possible in a matter of weeks.

Talk therapy and coaching only go so far - that's because the part of our brain that deals with stress, trauma and fight or flight is actually non-verbal. Words alone can't do the job!

We now have ways to hack directly into the central nervous system.  EFT tapping & Matrix Reimprinting are cutting edge mind-body tools that make dropping your emotional baggage and replacing limiting beliefs fast, safe, gentle and permanent.  Save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours over conventional talk therapy.

About 70% of my practice is over the phone or by Skype. I can help you wherever you live.  

I'm an EFT tapping & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, but also a Master Trainer for both techniques.  I've trained hundreds of practitioners and direct the Tapping the Matrix Academy - an EFT tapping certification program.

My goal is to help you turn your life around—faster than you ever dreamed possible.
This is profound and exciting work and I invite you to browse through my website and contact me if you’d like to invest in your own happiness, vitality, healthy relationships and inner peace.

EFT tapping for Sexual Trauma

Sexual Trauma
So many people I’ve worked with have experienced some form of sexual trauma, ranging from molest, incest, violent rape and even ritual abuse.  Sometimes the abuse surfaces as an underlying cause of another issue—weight loss for example.  But often my client is well aware of the memory and the problems its caused.  The good news is that EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are extremely effective and gentle and have the potential to truly resolve the trauma.

EFT Tapping for Divorce & Breakups

Divorce and Breakup Recovery
Divorce can be an extremely painful process. Feelings of hurt, rejection, betrayal, guilt, shame, bitterness and failure can be intense and sometimes overwhelming. This is just as true for many “break ups” - they can be just as hard.In cases like this, my goal is to help my clients achieve an “emotional divorce”. Imagine no longer thinking compulsively about your ex.  No longer being triggered, even by deliberately hurtful behaviors.  I realize that this may seem impossible—especially if you are really suffering right now. But with EFT an emotional divorce can often be accomplished in a matter of weeks.

EFT Tapping for Weight Issues

Weight Issues
Weight loss, binge eating, obsessive thinking about food and body, self-loathing, chronic dieting - my approach with any weight issue is to remove the underlying anxiety and secondary gains that drive it.  The goal is to lose the 'emotional weight' so that weight becomes a non-issue.  One of the key factors is self-acceptance.  You may have a program running that says if you accept your self as you are, then you'll lose your motivation to change - seductive logic, but the opposite is actually true.  

EFT Tapping for Stress, Anxiety & Trauma

Stress, Anxiety & Trauma
EFT is the most elegant way I know to reduce or eliminate stress.  It's a self-help tool that's easily learned and can be used whenever stressful situations arise.  Severe anxiety though often comes from intense and unresolved bad memories.  These memories may be re-triggered by cues in our current environment. Even subtle reminders of the original event can set off intense emotional or physical reactions, leading to hyper-vigilance, difficulty concentrating, sleep disorders, and panic attacks.  Matrix Reimprinting is the ideal tool for truly resolving traumatic memories and getting your life back.

Working with Rob

Choosing someone to do personal work with is a big decision.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email or give me a call: 707-280-8134.  I'm happy to talk with you.  

If you'd like to just dive in, please fill out my intake form and email it back to me.  I'll get right back to you and we'll find a time that works.  To pay with PayPal or for more information about my rates, please click here.

There's never been a better time than right now to change your life

 Please Note: I am NOT a licensed health care provider, counselor, or psychotherapist. I offer my services as a self-help educator and ordained minister. I do not diagnose or treat illness, disease, or psychological disorders. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are not a substitute for professional health care. Information provided in this website is for general education and not intended to replace qualified medical or psychological advice.