EFT for Sexual Trauma

EFT for Sexual Trauma

So many people I’ve worked with have experienced some form of sexual trauma, ranging from molest, incest, violent rape and even ritual abuse. Sometimes the abuse surfaces as an underlying cause of another issue—weight loss for example. But often my client is well aware of the memory and the problems its caused.

The good news is that EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are extremely effective and gentle and have the potential to truly resolve the trauma.  My approach is to make this work as gentle and distress free as possible.

Often there’s some really intense and unpleasant stuff to work through.  It's a little like having to throw up after eating something spoiled. Horrible, but then you just feel so much better once it's out of your system.  In my experience, if we’re dealing with a single one-time event (even something really horrific), it can often be resolved it in just one session.  

With EFT for sexual trauma, even with abuse that went on multiple times for an extended period, rarely takes more than a few sessions to resolve, especially with Matrix Reimprinting.  

How Matrix Reimprinting Can Help

With Matrix we're able to work with the younger self trapped within a traumatic memory. We’re able to freeze the perpetrator and anyone else who might be there, which makes it feel much safer.  We do EFT tapping on the younger self to get them out of shock and to release the overwhelming feelings of fear, betrayal, violation, confusion and shame - whatever distress they are feeling.

Working directly with the younger self is very powerful. It lets us get right to the heart of the damage and repair it. And for my client, stepping into the role of co-practitioner (helping me help their younger self) shields them from much of the overwhelming distress their younger self is feeling.

An important part of the tapping is “reframing” the event for the younger self. They come to understand that it wasn’t their fault, that something is very wrong with the perpetrator and this really has nothing to do with them. We acknowledge the shame they are feeling, but help them really understand that the shame doesn’t belong to them—it belongs to the perpetrator. This is usually a crucial step in releasing the trauma.

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EFT for Sexual Trauma

Once the younger self is free from emotional distress, the next step is changing the scene they’ve been trapped in. This is NOT the same as denying that it happened.  We change the picture for the benefit of the younger self.  This serves to empower them, and thus empower and resource my client on a very deep, foundational level.  

Changing the scene also helps reverse whatever negative beliefs were adopted in that moment to make sense of the trauma. These negative beliefs became perceptual filters, coloring our experience of life from that point on. Replacing them with positive new understandings is where the real life-changing action takes place.

When we get a good new picture for the younger self, we go through a simple ‘re-imprinting’ process and the new picture actually feels like a real memory—one that essentially overwrites the old traumatic scene.

On a personal note, I had three memories to deal with and worked with a Matrix practitioner to reimprint my own sexual traumas.  Each memory took most of one session.  It's hard to imagine a more gentle, thorough and positive way of healing.  

When I first began doing Matrix session, I used to feel queasy dealing with sexual abuse memories.  It was tough.  Sometimes it's hard to face the reality of what humans can do to one another.  Years later, I actually specialize in this issue.  I look forward to it, because once it’s done it really is done.  A tremendous weight is gone, life can start over and the healing makes us stronger and more resilient.  

EFT for sexual trauma is one of my main specialties.  If you think you'd like my help with any sort of sexual abuse I am happy to do a free 20 minute consultation to answer any questions you might have. 707-280-8134

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