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If there was ever a testimonial to the transformational power of EFT, for me it's seeing the difference between my first videos from 8 or 9 years ago to the ones I've made recently.  It used to be an excruciating process for me - from talking to the camera to editing the many 'takes'.  Now I actually enjoy it! 

You may notice I have very few "tap-along" EFT videos.  This is mainly because Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, was so down on them.  He considered them to be the lowest form of EFT and so inferior to working with a practitioner that they just shouldn't be made.  Of course YouTube is rife with them anyway, and I'm considering making more.

Gary does have a valid point though and I experienced first hand how EFT videos might actually be harmful!  Back in the beginning of my EFT practice I was still struggling to have enough clients and make enough to support my family.  I came across an EFT prosperity tap-along video by Margaret Lynch (who I really admire).  It was about 8 minutes long and I dutifully tapped along....

And then the phone rang and a client cancelled her session for the next afternoon.  And then another cancelled.  And another.  I had 5 clients cancel within the space of an hour!  That was a painful blow to my prosperity at the time!  There was absolutely NO doubt in my mind that this was related to my doing the prosperity 'tap-along'.  But how and why?

What I realized was that the tap-along video had opened up some of my anti-prosperity "cans of worms" without fully discharging them.  In other words, the issues were activated but not resolved.  And being activated, real life results showed up for me.  When you work on your own, and especially when you work with a practitioner, you just keep tapping until the intensity is near zero.  With EFT videos this may not happen!  

And that taught me a lesson.  But perhaps EFT videos CAN be done carefully and well.  I've received a lot of nice feedback on my EFT for Weight Loss video, so stay tuned...I may be making a few more. I do have a few ideas!!!

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Although it really has nothing to do with EFT, I've included my personal travelogue video from SE Asia in 2013.  Just because it was such an amazing trip, with SO many over-the-top experiences.  I feel so grateful to get to travel I just like to share it with you.