EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Tools

I use cutting edge mind-body methods that make dropping your emotional baggage and replacing limiting beliefs fast, safe, gentle and permanent.

You don't need to know anything about the tools I use to work with me.  But they really are fascinating.  Here's a quick look...

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique is a way of hacking into the limbic system - the non-verbal part of the brain that controls stress and fight or flight.  

Because the limbic system (and they key player here is the amygdala) doesn't register spoken language, 'talk therapy' is relatively ineffective for many issues.  

Imagine telling an Iraq war vet, suffering from PTSD, "Hey relax, you're home now.  You're safe". Would that be helpful at all?  Of course not.  EFT on the other hand can produce an immediate and often dramatic change.  Sometimes the results seem almost miraculous.

With EFT we're using finger tapping on certain key acupuncture points while focusing on whatever specific issue or problem we'd like to change.  We're essentially discharging, or sloughing off, whatever is stuck - feelings, beliefs, behaviors and sometimes even physical symptoms.

One of the best things about Emotional Freedom Technique is that it's easy to learn, and this happens automatically in a session.  My clients are empowered to continue tapping on their own to further the change-work. Of course you can learn EFT without doing a session - I have a simple "how-to" video if you'd like to try it right now!
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Matrix with Emotional Freedom Technique

Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a way of using EFT with specific memories.  Because you're looking back from your current point in time now, there's always a younger self in every memory.  With Matrix I would have you, as your adult self now, step into the scene of a bad memory and I'd lead you through tapping on your younger self there.

The idea is that your younger self split off from you in that moment of great distress.  This happens automatically as a way of trying to contain the unbearable experience.  This means the younger self has an independent consciousness.  At the time she split off it was the same as yours, but you've gone through many experiences and learned many things since then.  She hasn't.

For you it's just a memory, but for her it's a current event.  One that never stops happening. Tapping on the younger self tends to be much faster, more effective and thorough than regular Emotional Freedom Technique, but there's a great deal more.  And that has to do with changing our negative core beliefs.
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There are a number of other tools that come into my work with clients, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), energy healing as taught by the late great Harold McCoy of the Ozark Research Institute, Kinesiology (muscle testing) and of course all that good stuff from my counseling psychology program - Crisis Counseling, Gestalt Work and most especially Active Listening with Unconditional Positive regard developed by Carl Rogers.  

My EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Credentials

Tapping the Matrix Academy
(my own program)

Gary Craig's Certification
(I'm very proud of this one)

Master Trainer for EFTMRA
(Karl Dawson's Academy)

EFT Universe Trainer (retired)
(I'm also an Expert Practitioner)

AAMET Level 3 - lapsed
(Bestowed by AAMET founders Tam & Mary Llewellyn)