Mercury Retrograde & EFT

Mercury Retrograde & EFT

Years ago I volunteered for a Suicide Hotline, and every month we’d brace ourselves for the full Moon.  There’d always be a surge of folks going “loony” at that time of the month and we’d get pretty busy. You could count on it.

Of course whatever one’s beliefs about astrology, the phases of the moon are astronomical fact.  And however dim our understanding of gravity, we know that the Moon affects the tides.  And since our bodies are mostly water, it’s not such a stretch that Moon cycles might influence our ‘emotional tides’.

But what is the deal with Mercury Retrograde?  Again, it’s an astronomical fact that Mercury seems to move backward in the sky three or four times a year (that’s what retrograde means).  But the significance of the event seems to be gaining widespread acceptance, as in “OMG, is Mercury retrograde or something? My computer just crashed!”

In mythology Mercury is the messenger of the gods, and when he goes retrograde those messages seem to go haywire.  I’ve heard it said that you can always tell when Mercury goes retrograde because the TV and radio announcers all start flubbing their lines.

Astrologers say the “Re” in Mercury Retrograde means re-do, return, replace, repair, reboot, rewrite, etc.  At the time of this writing, Mercury has been retrograde for about a week. In the last four days my computer crashed, I lost an entire hard drive (including the new website I was about to launch and never backed up), our phone line went dead for two days, one daughter lost her driver’s license and library card, and my other daughter’s ipod got the white screen of death.  Not my usual week.  Thank God!

Okay, so what does any of this have to do with EFT?  We know from quantum physics that everything in the universe is connected through a vast field of energy and information.  Our personal energy field is, of course, fully integrated into this greater Matrix.  However our personal experience of this connection can be seriously hampered when our energy system is disrupted.  What we do with tapping is to smooth out these disruptions.  In EFT we see them as the cause of our negative emotions and limiting beliefs. They limit our experience of love, healing and success in life.

They also seem to attract negative circumstances over and over again- our subconscious mind's way of seeking resolution. Instead of glossing over problems with affirmations and positive thinking, EFT focuses directly on the negatives to discharge their intensity, slough them off and get them out of our system.  As the disruptions fade, our connection with the greater Matrix grows stronger, things start to flow, magic happens.

Perhaps Mercury Retrograde is a special kind of communal disruption - a potentially annoying way our collective consciousness has come up with to focus a spotlight on things that need to change.  Not a great time to launch a new venture or initiative, but a serious invitation to turn inward and re-visit, re-view and re-vise things. Isn’t it lucky we can tap on whatever shows up?

Here are a few simple suggestions to get you started:
"Even though I'm so frustrated with this damn ______________ acting weird/taking so long/not working, I deeply love and completely accept myself and choose to use this as an opportunity to really get it right this time..."
"Even though I thought everything was fine and now I have to do it all over and I feel like screaming, I want to get to a calm and peaceful place...."
"Even though we're delayed, and for no good reason, I have every right to be angry/frustrated/freaked out/anxious and I have every right to let it go - I choose to accept what's happening as best I can"

copyright 2012 Rob Nelson

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