EFT for Divorce Recovery

EFT for Divorce

Divorce can be an extremely painful process. Feelings of hurt, rejection, betrayal, guilt, shame, bitterness and failure can be intense and sometimes overwhelming. This is just as true for many “break ups” - they can be just as hard.  

My goal is to help my clients achieve an “emotional divorce”.  Imagine no longer thinking obsessively about your ex.  No longer being triggered, even by deliberately hurtful behaviors. Imagine moving on with your life.

I realize that this may seem impossible—especially if you are really suffering right now.  But with EFT an emotional divorce can often be accomplished in a matter of weeks.

Misery and compulsive thinking are replaced by detachment, calm, clarity and inner peace. Achieving this level of emotional freedom is key to starting over on a much higher level.

EFT for divorce is powerful.  Old dysfunctional patterns, limiting beliefs and negative self-concepts are left by the wayside. Whatever is next for you—a new relationship, investing in your career, caring for your kids, or just being very comfortable being on your own in a new life—letting go of your divorce trauma is an incredibly important investment.

When I work with a client on this issue we generally start by tapping on any intense raw emotional distress - hurt, anger, sadness and grief, betrayal, guilt, fear for the future.

Often a single session is enough to move through the most extreme feelings and get to a calm and peaceful new place.  I realize that may seem unbelievable if you've never experienced EFT.

Stage two involves dealing with any toxic beliefs created or reinforced by the breakup.  Two common ones include:

"I didn't see that coming. He/she got past my radar.  I can't trust myself to prevent it from happening again.  If I want to be safe I'll have to be alone"

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"This was my last chance to be loved. I'm going to be lonely the rest of my life."

These and other negative core beliefs like "I'm unworthy" or "I'm unlovable" can, and should be tapped away.

Anyone who's gone through the pain of a breakup or divorce NEVER wants to go through that again. And that brings us to Stage Three:

How did you end up with that jerk in the first place?  

Most of us have a hidden agenda when choosing a partner.  We're subconsciously looking for someone to re-enact childhood trauma. Even is we have a clear, intentional and very reasonable reasonable "shopping list" when looking for a mate, there may be a few items written in invisible ink.  And these are never good.  Please send me:  
Someone to abandon me
Someone to treat me with contempt
Someone to rage at me
Someone who looks good at first, but won't make any money
An alcoholic I can try to save

"The ending and loss of a relationship with someone we love is probably one of the most painful experiences we must endure as human beings. When I was recently faced with this devastation I was hardly able to function, spontaneously crying in public, feeling excruciating pain and grief and guilt and shame and fear, you name it. I had worked with EFT somewhat prior to working with Rob but I felt I needed a professional to help me.
When I first entered Rob's office I started crying uncontrollably and we immediately went to work. By the time I left his office an hour later I was laughing and felt filled with relief and gratitude, I was as light as a feather and this feeling remained with me long after our session.
Rob is a highly gifted, skilled and compassionate healer. I immediately recommended him to a friend of mine who was also dealing with a breakup and she felt the exact same kind of relief as I did. If you are going through the terrible pain of a breakup, do yourself a favor and see Rob. You will be convinced within an hour."

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It's an old cliche, but we often do marry our mom, dad, step-parent or some amalgam of them.  Our subconscious mind is very powerful, but it only has one trick up its sleeve - repetition.  That really is all the subconscious knows how to do.  Replay the old tape loops.  So the pressure to resolve childhood traumas drives us to find a stand-in for mom and/or dad.  We end up repeating the same patterns over and over, without consciously choosing it at all.

The big idea seems to be "Maybe this time it'll go well.  Maybe this time I'll get what I need".  But that never really seems to happen. In fact, the more we go through the same scenario, the more our negative beliefs tend to be reinforced.  So how do we get off this ride?

With Matrix Reimprinting we can access and resolve the childhood traumas directly.  This has all kinds of amazing benefits, and it removes the need to re-enact.  Better still, it triggers a true upgrade for the next relationship, because negative core beliefs have been replaced by healthy, positive ones. 

EFT for divorce is one of my specialties.  If you're going through a painful divorce or breakup, contact me for a free 20-minute consultation, or send me an intake questionnaire if you like and we can go from there.