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EFT Case Studies neglect

All The Love That Was Missing
“I’ve been waking up crying. I keep seeing this little girl with her arms held up. She wants to be picked up, but her mom won’t do it – it’s like she can’t somehow. I think that little girl is me. Just thinking of it now makes me so sad.”

“Sarah” brought this to our session and I had her step into that scene and pick up the little girl, who seemed to shift from around 3 years old to an infant. I had Sarah tap on the baby and let her know she was okay, and loved and special. When the little girl was feeling better it was time to find out what was wrong with mom.


EFT Case Studies combat

I Wish You'd Never Been Born
“Jane” had a very unhappy memory. She’d been through talk therapy and EMDR, which took the edge off, but within minutes of describing what had happened she was crying.She’d come to me to try EFT and with her intensity level so high we started right in tapping, first on fear and then for sadness. As Jane calmed down a bit the story came out:

When Jane was about three and a half, she woke up from a nap on a beautiful spring afternoon. Dad was sleeping on the couch and when she woke him up he flew into a rage.He literally threw her across the room where she hit a wall. Adding insult to injury he screamed at her “I wish you’d never been born”.

EFT Case Studies death

Ghost Story in the Matrix
Something was wrong.

Deep into a Matrix session, my client was at her father’s death bed.  We’d done a fair bit of tapping on her younger self and it was working.  There’d been shock and overwhelming feelings underneath – intense grief, anger at the hospital, anger at her father for dying, and guilt over not taking her father’s depression seriously.

With both my client and her younger self feeling a lot calmer, I suggested we invite dad’s spirit into the picture.

EFT Case Studies cravings

Letting Go of Cravings for Cinnamon Buns and Red Bull
“Jane” was worried about her weight.

For eight years she’d had a surgical lap-band which kept her weight low.  Then in February it slipped and had to be removed.  By our session in November she’d gained back 90 pounds and was still gaining.

Jane has a high stress job and had gotten in the habit of bingeing in the morning on a big cinnamon roll from a local donut shop and a large can of Red Bull. This would get her up and running for her work day, sort of like a shot of adrenaline to the heart.


The Roots of Procrastination
I love this picture of the little girl, arms crossed over her chest, glaring at an adult just off screen. You can easily guess her thoughts: “You’re not the boss of me.”  I think a great deal of our procrastination comes from an inner child stuck in this attitude of defiant rebellion. They’re confusing us with their parent!

When I decide to get up half an hour early to meditate, or to stop eating wheat, or go to the gym, I’m making that decision from my grown-up, adult perspective. It may be all about self-care and self-love, but essentially I’m stepping into a parental role with myself.

If I happened to grow up with a demanding, critical or domineering parent, there’s a good chance my well-intentioned decision will activate a whole posse of younger selves. I’m unknowingly invoking a total power struggle. One I’m likely to lose.


Is Your Weight Problem a Weight Solution?
8 Key Questions for EFT Success.  If you’ve been struggling with a weight issue – being too heavy, binge eating, obsessive thinking about food and dieting, anorexia and bulimia, or simply chronic dieting – there’s a very likely reason for not making any lasting progress.

Your weight problem is almost certainly a weight solution. A solution for a problem on a deeper level.

When I work with a new client dealing with a weight problem, there are certain questions I usually ask to explore whether there might be a deeper issue and what it might be.  I’d like to share them with you.

EFT Case Studies Mercury retrograde

EFT as a Disruptive Technology
EFT is definitely a breakthrough technology, no question about that.  It’s easily learned and can reliably produce healing miracles.  EFT liberates human potential by empowering radical improvements in one’s personal experience of life.

But is EFT a “disruptive technology”?  And if so, who or what is being disrupted?  

Just off the top of my head, I can think of at least four powerful socio-economic power structures potentially threatened by EFT:

EFT Case Studies Mercury retrograde

Mercury Retrograde and EFT
Years ago I volunteered for a Suicide Hotline, and every month we’d brace ourselves for the full Moon.  There’d always be a surge of folks going “loony” at that time of the month and we’d get pretty busy.  You could count on it.

Of course whatever one’s beliefs about astrology, the phases of the moon are astronomical fact. And however dim our understanding of gravity; we know that the Moon affects the tides.  And since our bodies are mostly water, it’s not such a stretch that Moon cycles might influence our ‘emotional tides’.

But what is the deal with Mercury Retrograde?

EFT Case Studies surrogate

Surrogate Tapping
On a recent flight from San Francisco to Denver, just before take off, I saw two young parents trying to comfort their baby who was clearly distressed.  She was really beginning to squirm and fuss.Compassion (along with the prospect of being trapped for hours near a screaming baby) motivated me to do surrogate tapping.

Keeping my eyes on the unhappy child, and tuning into her energy as best I could, I began discreetly tapping my finger points—as if I were the baby:
“Even though I don’t know where I am, and my ears feel funny, and there are strangers all around me, and I’m scared, my mommy and daddy are here and they love me and will keep me safe”