Weight Loss With EFT

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When I work with a client who wants to lose weight, there are three main areas we focus on: anxiety, secondary gains, and cravings.

Most overeating is done to tranquilize anxiety (or related feelings).  Oftentimes, eating is the only thing that ever worked.  Unfortunately, it never works for very long.  And given the side effects of overeating, anxiety becomes a vicious circle. 

EFT works directly on these feelings.  By removing the underlying anxiety (or anger, sadness, etc.) our appetite returns to its proper size and function.  The need to quell anxiety is gone.  It sounds simple, and it is simple.  Though it may take some time.

I also help my clients explore the issue of “secondary gains”.  These are powerful subconscious beliefs about possible benefits to keeping the weight on—or drawbacks to losing it.   There are many common ones, including:

          If I lose weight I’ll get unwanted attention from men (women).
          People will expect more of me and I can’t handle that. 
          My overweight friends (family) will all hate me
          I’ll have to buy all new clothes and I can’t afford it.
          I won’t be invisible anymore.
          I won’t know who I am, etc.

These beliefs are often unconscious and they drive our self-sabotage.  Sometimes it’s enough to just tap on the belief directly “Even though my friends will hate me if I lose weight…I deeply and completely accept myself”.  Other times it may be important to find where the belief began and tap on a specific memory.

This is one area where working with a skilled practitioner can be very helpful.  It can be very difficult to see our own hidden beliefs, and they are almost always embedded with traumatic memories. This is where Matrix Reimprinting can make all the difference. We're able to not only take the distress away, we actually change the memory itself.

EFT also works great for cravings.  Watching a lifelong craving disappear in just a few minutes of tapping is very exciting.  This can be very helpful for what I call your “downfall food”, whether it’s chocolate, chips, or cheeseburgers.  Unless you also take care of any underlying anxiety, however, you’ll likely just start craving something else. 

One of the best things about using EFT for weight loss is the side effects:  feeling better about yourself right away.  Most of my clients have major shifts in the first session: 

“Rob, I am so stunned by the change in my eating habits this past week.  I haven't eaten one thing I shouldn't.  This is utterly amazing.  I keep telling myself it's something else that's causing me not to eat, but nothing else has occurred this past week to cause this change in me other than tapping, so I'm going to have to reconcile myself to the fact it works.”
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You can certainly do EFT on your own to lose weight, and I encourage you to try it!  If you’d like help though, feel free to call or write and we’ll set up a session.

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Never Diet Again is an ebook I wrote several years ago. The heart of the book is a tapping script with different set up statements to help you get to the core of your weight loss issue. It costs about half of a regular session and comes with a money back guarantee. Click on the image for more information (and a classic sales page...my attempt at internet marketing!)