Matrix Reimprinting


Matrix Reimprinting (MR) is a powerful technique that uses EFT in a whole new way and leads to major shifts in our core beliefs.  Developed by Karl Dawson in the UK a few years ago, MR has become an exciting part of my practice.  Here’s the basic idea:

When we experience a trauma, even if it’s fairly minor, a part of us splits off and is essentially encapsulated with the intense emotions and all of the sensory input at the time of the event.  This is a natural protection mechanism so that we never fully experience the trauma—it’s held separate from our physical body, and we’re able to function.  But in another way, that part of us that splits off never stops experiencing the trauma. It replays endlessly as a current event.

We call this split off part an ECHO (energetic consciousness hologram) and it is held in a local biomorphic field around our body.  This field is part of the larger quantum field, (first called The Matrix by Max Planck in 1944) that quantum physics has established experimentally.

In some ways an ECHO is like an inner child—except that it isn’t inner, being held in a field apart from the body.  And it isn’t necessarily a child.  You may have an adult ECHO from a recent trauma.  The surprising thing is that the ECHO is real, in the sense that it has an independent, autonomous awareness.  We can ask it questions and get real answers. Answers that sometimes surprise the adult self!

In Matrix Reimprinting, the ECHO becomes the real client.  If you and I were working together on a particular memory, I would help you step into the Matrix and make contact with your ECHO.  We’d ask what it is feeling and I’d lead you through tapping on the ECHO, with a set up statement and tapping through the points.

In most cases the ECHO is able to release the traumatic emotions very quickly.  It has no psychological resistance and no “secondary gains” for hanging on to it.  This alone makes MR a wonderful tool.  But there is much more to it than simply getting over the trauma.

Once the intensity has been reduced, we ask the ECHO what it learned from that experience.  This is amazing, because the answer will usually be one of your negative core beliefs. We then ask the ECHO how they’d like to change the situation to make it better.  This can be very surprising.  The ECHO often has very different ideas than the adult client!

Because we are working in the Matrix, where anything is possible, we are able to bring in all kinds of resources—that might mean helping the ECHO find inner strength, or a shield to block out harsh words.  It could mean bringing in another person, or an animal, for support.  We might tap on other people who were there, to help them change.  It could involve explaining the situation from an adult perspective, or taking the ECHO time traveling into the future to see that things actually worked out okay.

Once the trauma is discharged, and the ECHO is established in a new, and much better picture, we go through a process to re-imprint that picture in the client’s mind and heart and then send it out into the Matrix.  This actually changes the way the client remembers the original event. 

It also changes the “truth” of that core belief established through the original scene.  In Law of Attraction terms, this changes the client’s “point of attraction”.  If we knew that “life is unsafe”, or “I must be perfect to be loved”, or “I must be in control” we’ll now have a much more balanced and positive knowing.    And that makes this work incredibly profound and life altering. 

I'm a certified Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and have helped hundreds of clients change their lives using this powerful technique. I'm also a certified trainer and help other EFT practitioners learn this valuable tool for their own clients. If you'd like to train with me, here's a link.

Matrix Reimprinting can be done over the phone, as well as in the office.  This is exciting work with profound results.  If you’d like to experience a session, please give me a call today!